We have been growing quality Christmas trees in the beautiful St. Johns’ Valley since 1962.

Like many other enterprises, we started growing Christmas trees by accident! Jim has been planting trees since he was about 10 years old. The initial Christmas tree planting was done as reforestation of a hillside that was too steep to farm. The popular tree for reforestation at the time was Scotch pine. These trees were very fast growing and did not have high soil requirements. Just after planting these trees, it became obvious (based on earlier plantings by others throughout the province) that Scotch pine was not a suitable tree for reforestation. The trees would never make saw-log timber.

In order to salvage something from his work and to clear the way for native trees with a potential future value, Jim decided to try and produce Christmas trees from the seedlings.

After many years of backbreaking trimming, weeding, and spraying on the steep hillsides, the original planting was successfully harvested as “Cut-Them-Yourself” Christmas trees. The most significant part of this phase was that Jim found that the growing of Christmas trees was “in his blood”

The planting was continued, but this time it was on the level land to make things easier on Jim. The varieties were expanded to give the customers better quality and selection.

Over the years our varieties, procedures, etc., have steadily improved so that today we are producing several varieties of high quality trees to help add one of the traditional highlights to the Christmas season. In this day, when everything is changing so quickly, all bits-bytes & plastic, it is very important to keep some tradition in the season—something “real” that you can do yourself.

We are honoured and pleased that we have been a tradition in many families for over 50 years and hope to be a tradition in even more families in the years ahead.