All Smiths' Trees are $40.00 –regardless of size or variety. Plus….NO TAX!

Norway Spruce

Colorado Blue Spruce

Meyer Spruce

Balsam Fir

Pete's Premium Christmas Trees

Once again we are partnering with our neighbour who grows Christmas trees one field over! He has hundreds of beautiful Colorado Blue Spruce, which have been growing for the past 12 years and are now up to 15 feet tall. A selection of "Pete's Premium Christmas Trees" will be freshly pre-cut and on display at our farm (or you can cut your own from his field, if you want to choose your own!) "Pete's Premium Christmas Trees" will be available for sale for $80.


Many customers ask if we have boughs for sale. We do not but some people are buying as large a tree as they can and cutting it up for boughs. One tree could supply two or three families. That would likely be cheaper than buying pre-cut boughs, and they would be fresher.